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Cells 10 (2021): 238. DOI: 10.3390/cells10020238



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Corticosterone treatment and incubation time after contextual fear conditioning synergistically induce fear memory generalization in neuropeptide S receptor-deficient mice.
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Chronic inhibition of GABA synthesis in the infralimbic cortex facilitates conditioned safety memory and reduces contextual fear.
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Sex-dependent effects of Cacna1c haploinsufficiency on behavioral inhibition evoked by conspecific alarm signals in rats.
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Context and trade-offs characterize real-world threat detection systems: A review and comprehensive framework to improve research practice and resolve the translational crisis.
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Individual expression of conditioned safety but not of conditioned relief is correlated with contextual fear. 
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Orexin deficiency modulates cognitive flexibility in a sex-dependent manner. 
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